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At Gordian Assets, we're committed to providing tailored solutions that address the evolving needs of urban living.
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At Gordian Assets, we’re dedicated to untangling the complexities surrounding housing shortages and the rising costs of living. Through our innovative solutions, we strive to address these challenges while revitalizing communities.

Regentrification of Street Landscapes and Strata Buildings

We believe in rejuvenating urban landscapes and strata buildings to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and livability of neighborhoods.

Remedial Works to Strata Buildings - Internal and External

Our comprehensive approach includes remedial works to address structural, aesthetic, and functional issues within strata buildings, ensuring they meet modern standards of safety and comfort.

Renovation Works to Strata Buildings - Internal and External

We specialize in renovating both the interiors and exteriors of strata buildings, breathing new life into aging structures and revitalizing communal spaces.

Reducing or Extinguishing of the Strata Debt

We offer financial support to strata communities by contributing to or extinguishing sinking funds, helping alleviate financial burdens and promote financial stability.

Financial Contribution to Individual Strata Owners

In addition to collective benefits, we provide individual strata owners with financial incentives, allowing them to benefit while retaining ownership of their apartments.

Significant Increase in Strata Building Value and Individual Strata Owners' Wealth

Our initiatives lead to a substantial increase in the value of strata buildings and the wealth of individual owners, creating lasting value for communities and stakeholders alike.

Experience the Difference with Gordian Assets

Join us in our mission to unlock financial freedom and elevate communities. At Gordian Assets, we’re committed to providing tailored solutions that address the evolving needs of urban living.

Airspace development involves constructing atop existing structures to utilize airspace effectively for housing solutions. It has become increasingly popular as a means to address housing shortages in urban areas.

As the population in Australia continues to grow, the availability of land for housing diminishes. Airspace development presents options to older buildings as an alternative to a complete demolition and rebuild. 

Implemented responsibly, maximizing the buildings development potential can yield various benefits for residents such as gentrification of the existing building and solving costly repair issues.

The planning phase typically spans 4-12 months, while construction averages between 6-8 months. However, this may vary depending on project specifics.

No, in fact, strata fees often decrease due to economies of scale. Newly developed properties generally contribute proportionally, leading to reduced overall service charges per unit. Renovations and gentrification of the existing building are also completed along with the development.

In most cases, existing services remain unaffected throughout and after construction.

Yes, residents can remain in their properties during works. Comprehensive construction plans prioritize convenience and minimize disruption.